⚡ Replenish Your Electrolytes!

Low-carb diets can decrease the body’s insulin levels, which can cause us to expel higher amounts of sodium and electrolytes.

At RPP, we confidently embrace a nutrient-dense animal-based diet, which naturally results in a low carbohydrate intake.

This electrolyte imbalance can lead to symptoms that some call the “keto flu.”

These unpleasant symptoms can wreck any chance we have for success and show up in our bodies as fatigue, headache, dizziness, muscle cramps and more…

Have you ever quit a new diet because you felt terrible? An electrolyte imbalance may have been the culprit.

Increasing your salt intake and balancing your electrolytes can make a big difference in how you feel. It’s amazing how adding extra salt to your diet can help you go from feeling not-so-great to flat-out-amazing!

We noticed that many people in our community were taking shots of salt water or even licking a pile of salt from their hands to relieve these symptoms (which isn’t exactly tasty or a good long-term solution).

So, we decided to embark on what ended up being a year-long journey to find a more enjoyable way to help people balance their electrolytes. We’re excited to share our delicious solution with you!

Introducing RPP Replenish…

RPP Replenish is the tasty way to squash fatigue, headache, dizziness, and muscle cramps caused by low-carb diets.

We currently have two flavors, Watermelon and Raspberry, with more on the way.

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Click on one of the flavors below to get started…